Advocate of the Month – December 2018

December’s Advocate of the Month is:


Lois is recognized not only for her outstanding advocacy over the last month, but also for her steadiness and unwavering dedication to providing quality advocacy to the children served.

Lois has been an advocate for approximately 15 months and is currently working with 2 CASA families – 5 CASA children. While some may find that to be an overwhelming responsibility, Lois executes her advocacy perfectly. She visits her children multiple times a month and makes time to attend school functions like sporting events and honor roll assembly for her kids. She has regular contact with the children’s teachers, caregivers, and CPS caseworkers, and firmly stands up for the needs of the children when necessary. Lois’s cases have not come without conflict or hardship, but she has handled setbacks with grace and has ALWAYS stayed committed to what’s best for the children.

Lois is an asset to CASA and a treasured member of our community. She serves her children well, makes herself available to attend CASA gatherings and trainings, and invests her whole self in everything she does. We are grateful for Lois and all she brings to the CASA program!