Advocate of the Month – November 2019



Friendly, kind, dedicated, hardworking and does it all with a beautiful smile!

Mariah has only been a CASA advocate for a few months but has stepped up and done an incredible job! She is 22 and has maturity beyond her years. She chose to do CASA on top of finishing school and studying / testing to get into Law School.

Mariah originally took on one case with a teenage girl and in all humility came to our staff to make sure she was choosing the right case. She wanted to make sure that choosing a high school girl would be a good fit for her CASA teen, since Mariah herself is young. We assured her that we believed it was a good fit and boy has it been! Mariah is dedicated to her teen and does a great job of being able to not only empathize with her, but to be a good role model as well.

Recently a staff supervisor went on maternity leave. Before leaving she asked Mariah if she would be willing to help her with another case involving a teen girl placed in the same area as Mariah’s CASA child. Mariah didn’t hesitate to say yes! She agreed to help with the child visits, but has gone over and above what was asked of her. She has stepped up and been the CASA advocate for that teen as well, and has made sure that child’s needs were met. We are incredibly grateful for this hardworking young lady and we’re happy to call her November’s Advocate of the Month! We can’t wait to see what lies ahead in Mariah’s future with CASA!