New Advocate of the Year – 2020 Nominees

Nominee #2: Judy Vandiver

“Above and beyond”

This phrase easily characterizes all our nominees for New Advocate of the Year but is incredibly true of this nominee. From taking a case with a child placed in Louisiana, to assuming the role of a CASA for an additional child when our program was in need because an influx of new cases, Judy has gone above and beyond from the start.

As one would expect, there have been struggles along the way in Judy’s journey as a CASA. Not just in her cases, but also in her own personal life…because life happens to us all. However, Judy has done a wonderful job of navigating through these challenges and circumstances, and continued to help each of her cases move forward; one towards adoption and another towards family reunification

Judy is one of a handful of advocates committed specifically to serving her home community in San Jacinto County. This has not only meant serving the children of San Jacinto County, but she took it upon herself to personally arrange for CASA to have a booth at the San Jacinto County Christmas Fair. She got the booth set up and worked it all day long with her husband.

Sometimes others can describe our advocates best. One of the caregivers that Judy works with shared the following about her:

“We are delighted to have had Ms. Judy as our CASA. She is easily the most compassionate person we know–the kind of person who goes out of her way to help in any way she can. Her calm, patient manner was a great help to us when our frustration was at an all high.  She was courteous and friendly as she made half a dozen or more telephone calls on our behalf, not giving up until she had tracked down the answers. She went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed. We really appreciate her hard work and dedication.”

Judy is not only dedicated and persistent, she is caring and has a heart for others that radiates through everything she does. We are so excited to be able to recognize her not only for her work as a CASA advocate but also for who she is as a person. Congratulations Judy, and thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the children and families in care.