Advocate of the Month – November 2020


Chris & Cindy Supan!

This month, we have the honor of celebrating two remarkable advocates as our (first ever) advocates of the month. With almost 16 years of service between the two, CASA is blessed to have this dynamic duo as part of the CASA family. Both are strong advocates that lead with the perfect combination of head and heart.

At the beginning of this year, a new case came through that the staff immediately knew would need a strong pair of advocates. The case consists of a sibling group of four with years of mental, emotional, and physical abuse between them. The children were all separated coming into foster care; not only from their parents but from each other as well, all placed in different placements around the state. Instantly the Supans came to mind as a fit for these children and after a discussion with our Executive Director, they accepted the case.

Throughout the duration of this case, Chris and Cindy together have been vital support for CPS, always willing to lend a helping hand where able. They communicate several times a week with each child, are quick to ensure any and all needs are met, and work diligently to make certain no leads for placement go unresearched. Most recently, with board approval, the Supans were able to assist CPS in gathering all siblings so that they could be together to celebrate their birthdays. This may sound like a small feat, but with children spread all over the state (in the middle of a pandemic no less), this was a challenging situation. Chris and Cindy have never been known to back down from challenges faced, and stepped in to make this important sibling meet-up happen.

The Supans are dedicated to doing what is in the best interest of the children, no matter the time or commitment. They are each wonderful advocates on their own, but somehow, even better when they’re together! With over 250 volunteer hours between them just this year, it’s been our joy and honor to serve alongside this all-star couple!