2021 Advocate of the Year – Nominee #1

Advocate of the Year

Nominee #1: Pam Zinnante

(Pam pictured with her husband and CASA Companion, Vince Zinnante)

Pam finished her CASA training and joined the CASA family in February 2019. In her two years with CASA she has served on one case with three children, and has pursued advocacy with excellence and great precision to detail!

Pam is a go-getter and has been a fighter on behalf of her CASA children’s educational advocacy. She made it a priority to get her three CASA children into a Head start program; With MANY bumps and roadblocks to overcome, Pam did not give up until all three children were enrolled.

While that was a huge part of her advocacy over the last year, Pam’s excellence didn’t stop there. In the last year, Pam has

  • Logged over 100 advocacy hours and traveled well over 1,400 miles to make visits to the children’s daycares and caregiver’s homes,
  • served on the Content Committee for our Amplifying Advocacy Conference and helped to make the event a great virtual success (thanks COVID), and
  • included her husband, Vince (a CASA Companion) in child visits and CASA trainings.

Pam has made sure that these children’s best interest were always priority. We can’t thank her enough for all of the determination, consistency, hard work, and leadership that she brings to our team!