2021 New Advocate of the Year – Nominee #1

NEW Advocate of the Year

Nominee #1: Kaylea Haas

Professional and poised, Kaylea is a college student who took on a case with a fair amount of drama. While that may have intimidated others her age, Kaylea has done a fantastic job of navigating this case with maturity and professionalism from the very beginning. She was not intimidated by all the different facets of the case; instead she rolled up her sleeves and was willing to jump right in and start learning, creating dialogue with all the parties, and trying to help best advocate for the children and their families.

Although she has had to travel from College Station often for her casework, it never was an issue for Kaylea. During the Covid-craziness, she has visited the children regularly, communicated with all of the parties, and was great about keeping her supervisor informed of everything. Then, on top of everything else this past year, she also made time to attend in-services, all while applying for graduate school.

Aside from her work with her CASA child and family, Kaylea also strives to make sure that everyone around her knows about our organization. She spoke to Lambda Alpha Epsilon, a national criminal justice fraternity for whom she was a recruiter, encouraging them to become involved with CASA in any way that they could.

We are grateful for all of Kaylea’s persistence and hard work in this case and are glad to have her on the CASA team. Thank you Kaylea for all you do!