Advocate of the Month – November 2021


Kaylea Haas!

We are so grateful for November’s Advocate of the Month!

Kaylea began her CASA journey in August of 2020 and even though we were in the midst of a pandemic, she didn’t skip a beat. Since she’s started, she has carried 2 cases and has served 4 children in Walker and San Jacinto counties. Currently she is actively involved with a family whose infant child is on the road to reuniting with his father after being removed at birth due to testing positive for drugs.

Kaylea is a phenomenal advocate. Although she is a full time Masters student, she somehow manages to make her CASA child her priority. For example, she has made herself available several times to supervise visits between the child and father last minute when needed. Kaylea has been diligent in keeping in contact with all parties – even parties that are resistant to staying in touch with her; She has tried several times to engage uninterested parties (to no avail but her efforts are to be commended). Kaylea has gone above and beyond to really try and engage this child’s family and fortunately has seen success from her efforts!

We are so blessed to have an advocate like Kaylea as part of our CASA family. Her compassion for the families she serves is inspiring as she truly embraces her role as a voice for her child. It’s because of CASAs like her that we see kids granted a brighter future!