Advocate of the Month – February 2022



(Sharon pictured left with Guest Speaker Josh Shipp at CASA’s 2021 Amplifying Advocacy Conference)

February is widely known as the month dedicated to all things love, so what better month to celebrate an advocate who pours her entire heart and soul into what she does? Our February Advocate of the Month, Sharon Dieringer, has been a CASA for three years and has served our program in a multitude of ways.

Sharon has been assigned to the same two cases for the duration of her time here at CASA. While it is not the norm for a case to be open past 18 months, these two cases have encountered several obstacles. Sharon has been instrumental in overcoming these obstacles and getting us to the point where we are now. We have one CASA child on the verge of adoption and also a set of siblings who are back on track and getting the attention they need when it comes to their education, thanks to the efforts put forth by Sharon. So much can be said about Sharon’s advocacy work, these sentences barely skim the surface.

When Sharon isn’t advocating for her three children in care, you are most likely to find her at Hope’s Bridge. Hopes Bridge is a resource center where our families can get anything from a mattress to clothing for their child. There isn’t a need that Sharon won’t fill or find someone to fill. Wheelchairs aren’t necessarily something that is regularly donated but when one of our families presented the need, Sharon was able to secure one within days of being asked.

Our program is full of amazing advocates, and Sharon is just the cherry on top of an amazing sundae. Her work and effort have influenced many in our program, volunteer advocates and staff just the same. Her knowledge as a past attorney and judge as well as her tenacity and zealous advocacy skills make for one heck of an advocate. We love Sharon and are so grateful for all that she has done and continues to do for our program.