2022 Advocate of the Year – Nominee #5


NOMINEE #5 – Cindy Supan

There are countless good things to say about Cindy Supan! She has been an advocate for going on 10 years and has held nine different cases, many of which were difficult and required a great deal of her time. It is quite amazing how she can do such a fantastic job as an advocate with so many other commitments she feels called to make.

This past year Cindy worked a case with her other half, Chris Supan, that truly required an abundance of their time. The Supans were assigned to a case with three children, and then about three months in, a fourth child became a party to the suit. This case required so much attention due to the children experiencing trauma over a prolonged period. Cindy was the perfect advocate to help tackle this case; her patience and knowledge on trauma proved to be extremely beneficial. Cindy always does her best to understand where the child is coming from, and she makes herself available and open so that the child feels comfortable connecting with her.

We are infinitely grateful for all the time Cindy has devoted to CASA, and we look forward to continuing to learn and grow with her.