2023 Advocate of the Year – Nominee #1



Becky began her journey as a CASA advocate in September of 2021. Eager to start, she attended our Amplifying Advocacy Conference that same month, even before accepting a case. She accepted a case in October and has been assigned to that same case for a little over a year and a half.

Early in the case it was known that the mother wished to relinquish her rights, so the path to permanency seemed like a “clear” and “easy” path. The child would be placed with her maternal aunt and adopted just the same as her 5 siblings before her. As most of us know, there is no such thing as “clear” and “easy” when it comes to our cases. There have been many obstacles at every turn in this case, such as delays in paperwork, difficulties in finding certain resources for the care provider, delays in the licensing process, and the list goes on. Many of these things can cause a case to drag on for months, even years! Thankfully for us and the family Becky serves, this was not the case.

I believe one of the most impressive things about Becky is her relentlessness when it comes to helping others. Always polite and professional, Becky gets things done, it doesn’t matter how many questions she must ask or how many people she must go through. Becky has a heart for our mission here at CASA and it is apparent by the way she serves. She is always willing to help, always ready to learn more, and committed to sharing the mission with others. We are so extremely grateful for advocates like Becky who give of their time to live out the mission of CASA of Walker, San Jacinto, and Trinity County.