2023 New Advocate of the Year – Nominee #2


NOMINEE #2 shelley thompson

The second nominee for New Advocate of the Year is Shelley Thompson. Shelley is a retired educator, grandmother, and avid golfer. She recently wrapped up her first case, which she finished for an advocate who relocated for work.

During that case, Shelley observed weekly visitation between the child and his mother. She also stayed in close contact with teachers and the foster parents. It was not uncommon for her to make more than one visit in a month to see the child at school as well as in his placement. One time, she received word of an important educational meeting occurring later that day. Shelley rearranged her plans and drove over 100 miles to attend. When that case resulted in family reunification, Shelley accepted a new case the very next day.

She is well on her way to providing the same crucial support to caregivers and parents, as well as the same love and commitment to her assigned child, as she did in her previous case. It’s because of advocates like Shelley that children and families experience encouragement, compassion, and aid in an otherwise difficult time in their lives.