2023 New Advocate of the Year – Nominee #3


NOMINEE #3 brigett allen

Our third nominee for New Advocate of the Year is Brigett Allen. Brigett is, without a doubt, a fierce advocate for the children in her cases. She is assigned to two cases in two different counties, serving a total of five children ranging in age from five months to 15 years!

At the onset of each case, Brigett wasted no time contacting and visiting caregivers, parents, caseworkers, and the children. When separated siblings in one case were finally placed together, she visited within a few days to ensure that the children knew she was still part of their lives and to provide comfort and consistency. When assigned her second case, she quickly made plans to visit the children who are placed more than 300 miles away. In both assigned cases, Brigett has spent a multitude of hours meeting with the families to answer their questions, to listen to their fears and concerns, and to learn important information necessary to effectively advocate for the children’s best interests.

Brigett also stays highly involved in the CASA program in other ways. She frequently attends trainings, is quick to volunteer when extra help is needed at events, and serves on the San Jacinto Outreach Committee. Brigett is a blessing to our CASA program, and we are so thankful for her dedication to our children and families.