When you need a person who is organized, detail-oriented, and trustworthy, Brigett Allen is your gal! Brigett became an advocate in November 2022 and was immediately assigned to her first case. The case involved two children who were placed in separate homes. Upon case assignment, she immediately visited them in their placements; after a short amount of time, they were placed in a foster home together. Brigett promptly visited them again to ensure they were in a loving and nurturing placement, meaning Brigett was traveling far more than the once-a-month requirement. This was done without complaint and with great care for the children served.

Four months after accepting this case, Brigett was made aware that another case was in need of an advocate, and no CASA volunteers were available for assignment. Brigett opted to take on this case too, leaving her in a position to advocate for five children ranging in age from four months to fifteen years. After being on her newest case for only a week, Brigett had already made plans to visit the children 350 miles away.

Keeping up with two cases and five children is no easy task; however, Brigett keeps detailed contact logs and stays in extremely close contact with CPS, the children’s attorneys, and her CASA supervisor.

Brigett knows the children and their families well. She has spent hours upon hours communicating with the children, the parents, the grandparents, and even aunts and uncles. She is a source of encouragement and support, and the families trust her immensely. They regularly call her for advice and help. She is most definitely a bridge between them and the system.

Brigett has been invaluable to these families, but she feels she has made an extra important impact on the teenagers. Adolescence is such a complicated time for young people, yet Brigett has a knack for connecting with them. She has become a friend and a mentor. In her role as advocate, she has fought for these kids to get counseling and other needed services. She has most definitely been a stable, consistent figure in their chaotic world. She engages well with them and is a soft place for them to fall. At the same time, she strikes the right balance between gentleness and firmness.

Beyond Brigett’s superb advocacy, she is also very involved with our CASA program as a whole. She frequently attends trainings, serves on the San Jacinto Outreach Committee, and helps at many CASA events. We are thankful that Brigett is part of our organization, and we know that the ripple effects of her contributions will be felt for years to come.