Brenda Burns has been an advocate for close to two years and has served on three cases; she is still active on two of those cases. Brenda attacks challenges head-on and doesn’t hesitate to hold all parties in a case accountable. She is determined to ensure that the needs of the children and families do not go unmet.

Brenda visits her children monthly and makes regular phone calls and FaceTime visits. She stays in close contact with the caregivers and parents which enables her to be a support and a source of encouragement. Because of this close communication with them, she is aware of specific needs they may have, and she attempts to find helpful resources.

In one of her cases, the parents have turned a corner and are diligently working on court-ordered services so they can be reunited with their children. Brenda recognizes their efforts and applauds each successful step. Her other case involves the pursuit of adoption of a child by a family member. It has been a long, arduous process that has certainly taken its toll on the caregiver. Thankfully, though, Brenda is by her side every step of the way.

In addition to excellent advocacy, Brenda serves on the San Jacinto Outreach Committee. She is quick to help wherever and whenever she can. It is because of advocates like Brenda that CASA can serve the most vulnerable in our community. When asked why she is an advocate, Brenda replied, “Children matter, and I can help during their toughest days.” Indeed, she is doing just that.