Pam has been an advocate for five years and has worked several cases in her time as a CASA. She is passionate and never leaves a stone unturned if it could mean a better future for the child(ren) she is serving. In each case, dedication to her CASA children has always been Pam’s number one priority.

This year, Pam closed an arduous case. She was left with an uneasy heart due to the outcome. After a well-deserved break, she decided she was ready to take another case; her timing was perfect! Recently, four children were removed from their home. The staff knew that this case would require someone who would be able to keep up with many details and many people. Pam was the obvious choice! The supervisors were happy to hear that Pam accepted the case!

Pam wasted no time and jumped right into her case work using many different Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) tools to gather information. She knew that in order to give this case the best outcome, she was going to have to spend some dedicated time familiarizing herself with all of its intricacies. 

Throughout this case, Pam overcame many obstacles, big and small. However, no matter the size of the hindrance, Pam persevered. In speaking with the care provider on her case we were told, “if you need something accomplished, you for sure want her on your side!” When it comes to the permanency of the children Pam serves, there is no valley too low or mountain too high through she won’t tackle to ensure the best interest of the children. For these reasons and more, we are honored to nominate Pam as our Advocate of the Year.