Advocate of the Month-June



If you’ve been an advocate long enough, it should come as no surprise to you that sometimes you will encounter a case that kind of just gets stuck in limbo. This has been the experience of our June advocate of the month, Rebecca Jodzio. Becky has been with our program since 2021 and has been assigned to two different cases in which it seemed as if they would never come to an end.  

Similar to her first case, the case she is currently assigned to was stuck due to licensing issues. The Fictive Kin placement had submitted all things on her end but had yet to be granted her Foster Licensing. Becky called the agency only to be told that some of the paper work had been lost. This had not been communicated, and was only communicated after several attempts by Becky to get an answer. Once this was communicated, Becky made sure to get the agency to write out a list of the items missing, took that to the placement, and worked with them to get each item. Once everything was turned in, Becky checked in with the agency weekly to ask for an update on the process. Unfortunately, due to turn over, it seemed as if things were falling through the cracks again. Luckily, Becky’s attention to this matter avoided that all together. After almost 2 months of delay, the placement was awarded her Foster License, and the case has since been able to proceed towards the next steps.

Becky has several other commitments aside from being a CASA but somehow finds the time to volunteer as an advocate. She has a heart for our mission which is apparent by the way she serves. She is always willing to help, always ready to learn more, and committed to sharing the mission with others. We are so extremely grateful for advocates like Becky who give of their time to live out the mission of CASA of Walker, San Jacinto, and Trinity County.