Imagine the Possibilities

As we launch the “Imagine the Possibilities” building campaign, we invite the community to partner with us as we look forward to the immense possibilities ahead at CASA. With a generous contribution of $150,000, First Financial Bank has made it possible to secure the purchase of our new site. CASA is seeking to match this contribution, aiming to set us up for success as we move forward.

All contributing donors will be recognized in our new building as foundational donors, and the funds raised will allow CASA to purchase the furnishings, technology, and essential materials and services necessary to execute and elevate the services we provide.

Thank you to the donors who have committed to CASA’s success, and joined us as we

Imagine the Possibilities!


HERO – $25,000

Moody Foundation

Guardians – $5,000

Anthem Technology

The Law Offices of Bennie D. Rush

Winnie Sandel

                                                                Byron and Charlene Sandel

Allies – $2,500

Huntsville Junior Service League

State Farm Insurance – Diana K Barnes

Peyton Irwin Foundation

PARTNERs – $1,000

Mitch and Leigh Ann Kovalcik

Ben and Linda Perkins

                                                                    Ben and Linda Perkins

Chris and Cindy Supan

Walker County Title Company

Wes and Karen Altom

Anne Gaillard and Diego Varela

                                                                    Mike and Kathy Hudson

Gene and Yvonne Blair

Donor Opportunities Available:

Hero: $25,000 – 0 of 1 Available

Champion: $10,000 – 3 of 3 Available

Guardian: $5,000 – 6 of 10 Available

Ally: $2,500 – 8 of 10 Available

Partner: $1,000 – 11 of 20 Available

Last Updated 5/16/2023