Advocate of the Month – October

October’s Advocate of the Month is Mary Partida!!

Mary pictured (center) with Annel Guadalupe (left) and Rachel Hoyt (right).

Mary is extremely dedicated to her case and her CASA child. Since day one she has hit the ground running and never stopped. In April she won the Bodacious Award for this exact reason – for her strength “right out of the chute”.

 Month after month Mary goes above and beyond what is expected of her, staying in touch with all the involved parties, including teachers and therapists, and sharing all updates with them. She supervises visitation with her child and his parents, and follows through with all recommendations from the court or CPS. She is in constant contact with CPS and the caregivers and has worked to help CPS research placement options by calling relatives, attending home visits, and more. Aside from her dedication to her CASA child, she can often be found at CASA events and in-services. She has already completed her required 12 hours of in-service for the year – plus some!

 Mary is a shining example of what it means to be a CASA and to give a child a voice. Her court reports are always well informed and thorough and she testifies in court with grace and strength. She has been rock for her CASA child and a consistent advocate for CASA.  While her case has been challenging, she has handled every step with grace and continues to endure. Mary always brings a smile to those around her and we greatly appreciate what she does for CASA!