Advocate of the Month – February 2019

FEBRUARY’S Advocate of the Month is:


Diana has been a CASA Advocate since October of 2016. Since her start with CASA she has served seven cases and eleven children. She is currently serving as a CASA for three cases with five children in four different placements. She cares deeply for the children she works with, speaks up for her children in court, and is not afraid to make her voice heard.

Diana is known within the program for her steadiness as a CASA. She is consistently effective in completing her responsibilities each month; She keeps in regular contact with her CPS caseworkers, caregivers, and CASA supervisor. She also makes it a priority to attend court hearings, submit timely court reports, and to attend in-service trainings. Even with the stress of scheduling four separate visits a month, she never complains about the time commitment or travel and is always asking what more she can do to help. She’s never hesitated to take on new cases. Diana accepted her most recent appointment the moment the child came into CPS care. She knew the child needed her and she didn’t want the child to go a day without the CASA she deserved!

Diana has maintained her responsibilities as a CASA alongside personal hardships and a busy lifestyle. She has dedicated herself fully to serving her children and the CASA program and can always be counted on for whatever is needed of her. She is effective, consistent, and dedicated – we are very thankful to have her as a part of this program!