Advocate of the Month – October 2010


Amanda Marshall

Joyful, kind, compassionate, dedicated and willing to drive all over the state of Texas; these are things that describe this month’s advocate of the month. Amanda is consistent and fully committed as she serves the children in her FOUR cases (you read that right, FOUR). Since she started a little over 2 years ago, Amanda has been fully engaged and dedicated to the best interest of her CASA kids; she drives all over the state to visit them in their placements, participates in their family visitations, interacts with family members and foster parents, and is always looking to know more about what is going on in order to best advocate for her CASA kids. Amanda is all in, all the time and has never been one to say “no” when her kids have a need. She has traveled on behalf of her children more than any other CASA advocate in our program. She has singled-handedly racked up almost 6,700 travel miles in 2019 alone!

She does it all with a joyful smile and without complaining. Amanda is simply wonderful and such a gift to this CASA program and all of the children she serves.

**Pictured: Amanda Marshall (right) at an Advocate Lunch with fellow CASA Anne Gaillard (left).