Advocate of the Year – 2020 Nominees

Nominee #2: Amanda Marshall

A CASA for nearly 3 years, this week’s nominee is as sweet as pie and but also one tough cookie! Amanda radiates kindness and love as well as wisdom and knowledge. She has manned three cases at once in her time at CASA and has remained one of our most consistently exceptional advocates through it all. She has had children spread out over the state of Texas and has never missed a monthly face-to-face visit with any of those children. This past December she was able to attend the adoption of one of her CASA kids, after two years in care.

She is a ray of sunshine to those she works with, and the kids LOVE her! She will stand firm and advocate what she believes is in the best interest of her CASA kids.

We asked the caregivers that Amanda works with to share a little about their experiences with her. Here’s what they had to say:

“We were so excited to hear about Mrs. Marshall’s nomination! We are not surprised at all by it because she just seems the obvious choice with the dedication she shows to her kids.

We first met her when we took our wonderful kiddos into custody on a Thursday night and had visitation the next day. She was wonderfully informative of the process as we were not only first-time foster parents, but first-time parents as well. She has never once let us down or not been there for the kids always going above and beyond.

She has taken care not only of these amazing kids, but us newbie parents to the system as well. She is an amazingly strong role model as a mother often sharing her wisdom, ideas, and unyielding strength when it comes to the care of her children. We would not be the parents we are without her, nor made it through this system.

I often wonder where our kiddos would have ended up if she were not there to speak up for them and be the voice when they had none. We came into their little lives after years in the system, with her as the only constant for them. She has strongly stood up for them multiple times and always keeps what is best for them in the center of all discussions.

We were so excited to see that she was nominated for this award as it would acknowledge the life changing contribution, she has made not only for our kiddos but for others as well. This goes for my husband and myself as well, as we are stronger parents and people for having known her and her guidance. “

Amanda is a blessing to all that work with her and we are honored to be able to recognize her for all that she does. Thank you, Amanda, for another amazing year of service to your CASA kiddos and for allowing us the opportunity to work alongside you!