New Advocate of the Year – 2020 Nominees

Nominee #3: Lauren Rubenstein

Cool, calm, and collected; but fierce and loving. These are just some of the words that we can use to describe this next nominee.

Since the moment she took on her case in 2019, Lauren has been nothing but stable, persistent and reliable when it comes to advocating for her child’s best interest. Like many cases in the child protective system, there was a bit of hopelessness that came with her case; the child had already been in care for over a year and had no family member willing to take him in. He was bounced around from placement to placement and was already in his preteens. Lauren stepped into her case without hesitation and since that day has done nothing but excel in providing excellent advocacy for her CASA child. No matter what has come her way, whether changes or challenges in her case, or challenges in her own life (as she is a doctoral student at Sam Houston), Lauren has faced it all with a calm demeanor and with a heart full of love. It is a privilege to get to serve alongside her and we are beyond excited to be able to recognize her for all her hard work and dedication to her case. Lauren, thank you for remaining constant and for never giving up; we are beyond grateful for you!