Advocate of the Year – 2020 Nominees

Nominee #5: Renee Spencer

(Renee pictured in blue with Kathy Hudson – Advocate, Karen Altom – Board Member, Mary Partida – Advocate & Tonie Sikes – Advocate)

Renee has been an advocate since July 2018. She continues to be a strong advocate on her original case. Throughout out this case, she has graciously and compassionately handled all the challenges she has encountered. She has worked industriously throughout the case; she has taken extra steps to help the parents receive services as well as being attentive to the needs of two young twins with medical needs. This dynamic lady helped the foster parents receive resources needed for the children including finding a gently used twin stroller that she delivered to the foster home.

When it came time for the trial, Renee’s testimony was instrumental; her hard work and attention to detail paid off. After the trial, she worked tirelessly to make sure the paperwork and process was complete in a timely fashion in order to find the children an adoptive home.

As this case continued, she received a call from the CASA staff asking if she would be interested in taking on a second case. This new case needed a CASA that was willing to work the case through Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE), a new process to CASA of Walker County. Renee took on the challenge of a second case and was not daunted by this entirely new method. She has taken every opportunity to learn about CFE and use those tools on her case, even at times on short notice. It’s worth mentioning that her second case is in the Dallas area and her first case is in the south Houston.

She is a frequent visitor to the office checking in with her supervisors, attending trainings and advocate outings all the while encouraging those around her with her pleasant smile and infectious joy. Thank you, Renee, for all you do at CASA!