New Advocate of the Year 2020 Nominees

Nominee #6: Mariah Hardy

The final nominee for New Advocate of the Year has been a CASA since June 2019. Mariah is one of the most passionate, driven, and hardworking young women we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. While she is younger than most advocates, this has never made her any less capable of being a CASA.

As a CASA, Mariah has excelled beyond our expectations, Constantly keeping in contact with the teen girls that she served even after her cases had closed. She has never just done the bare minimum and has always gone above and beyond to ensure her CASA child’s voice is heard.

Mariah has so many things going for her. She has been accepted 3 of the top colleges in the US for grad school and is already seeking out the CASA programs available to her in those areas.

We are so blessed to have met and worked alongside such a beautiful soul. We are confident that Mariah will be a great asset to whichever CASA program she ends up at next and we can’t wait to see her shoot past the stars! Thank you Mariah for being an inspirational young woman and outstanding advocate to the children you’ve served!