Advocate of the Month – June 2020


Lauren Rubenstein!

Steady and faithful are just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking about this month’s advocate of the month. Lauren has been, and continues to be, an advocate that is defined by her consistency in her advocacy for her CASA kid. She is caring and diligent, and not willing to step back from a challenge (which there have been plenty in her case).

Throughout COVID-19 our advocates were unable to visit their kids. They were forced to find creative ways to stay engaged and connected from a distance. Lauren has gone out of her way to do her best to stay in regular contact with her CASA child to make sure he felt supported and cared for. When she found out that he did not have a computer to do his schoolwork from home, she was quick to help fix that situation for him and found a tablet for him (which he’ll get to keep forever).

Lauren is a quiet but fierce advocate and her love and desire to help her CASA child excel is evident in all that she does. As a nominee of the 2020 New Advocate of the Year award, Lauren’s skills and enthusiasm have been continually obvious and she is a blessing to CASA, the community, and her CASA child alike.

We are grateful for you, Lauren, and appreciate you for all that you do!