Advocate of the Month – September 2020


Leslie Fox!

This month’s Advocate of the Month has definitely had a non-traditional way of starting out a case as a new CASA advocate. Right after starting her case, COVID-19 forced us all into quarantine. However, that didn’t stop Leslie from being an amazing advocate for her two kids in care (that are split up and placed a good distance from one another). Throughout this new challenge of COVID, Leslie didn’t miss a beat with her advocacy. She stayed on top of checking in on her kids and making sure all their needs were met.

If dealing with a pandemic wasn’t challenge enough, the children’s mother suddenly passed away recently. When she received the news, Leslie didn’t hesitate, stepped up, and was there for the children! She was there in person when the children were notified of the tragedy, stayed with them as they tried to process it, and checked in on them as the days passed. When she was notified last minute of the funeral taking place, she quickly changed clothes, got in her car and was there to support the children.

If there is one word that stands out for who Leslie is as an advocate, it would be present. She is there when her CASA kids need her, and attentive and caring. We are beyond grateful for her! Thank you for all you do Leslie!