Advocate of the Month – December 2020


pam zinnante!

Pam Zinnante (pictured with her husband and CASA Companion, Vince) has been a CASA advocate since February 2019. In her nearly two years with CASA she has served three children and has been with these children throughout their time in Child Protective Services. Pam hopes to see them be adopted at the conclusion of their case.

Over the most recent months, Pam worked tirelessly to advocate for these children’s educational needs. She stepped in where needs were going unmet, and because of her determination, the children are now enrolled in and attending school. This may seem like a small accomplishment to some, but many, many, MANY phone calls and emails were required to get this accomplished!

Beyond her most recent work in educational advocacy, Pam has worked hard over the duration of her case to develop great relationships with all of the parties involved. She keeps everyone in the loop of her advocacy, is consistently in attendance for court and other meetings, and always has valuable updates for the Judge and others. She involves herself in the program beyond advocacy work and with her help on the 2020 Amplifying Advocacy Committee, we were able to secure some great speakers for the virtual event!

Pam is dependable and always willing to go the extra mile. We are so grateful to have her as a CASA for our program and we look forward to the day that she can see her CASA kiddos be adopted.