Advocate of the Month – January 2021


Sharon Dieringer!

(Sharon pictured riding on the 2020 CASA Christmas Parade float)

It feels impossible to put into words all the things we collectively as a CASA program think and feel about this month’s advocate of the month. We are overwhelmingly grateful for all the hard work that she has done and continues to do for the children and families of CASA, but also for all she does to support EVERYONE involved in the CASA program. She’s an all-star advocate – working daily to tend to the needs of her own CASA kiddos and cases; She’s a resource champion – serving as the liaison between Hope’s Bridge Resource Room and our CASA advocates (making sure ALL our advocates get needs met for their children); AND has been a source of encouragement to the CASA board as she’s served as the Advocate Representative on the Board of Directors for the past two years.

She’s served all three of these roles with consistency and diligence over the most recent months especially, and to top it all off, she finished out 2020 basically playing the role of Santa Claus! Throughout the Christmas Holidays, there was not a week where we did not see Sharon at least twice (but often more). Whether it be for court, attending committee meetings, picking up and delivering Christmas gifts (lots of them), supporting Parade of Playhouse ticket sales, dropping off something for a family in need, or riding in the Christmas Parade – you name it, Sharon did it. She is always dedicated to the work of CASA, but in December, her presence and selfless commitment were more evident than ever!

We are forever grateful for all that Sharon has done for the families, advocates, staff, AND Board here at CASA. We as a collective whole appreciate Sharon more than our words could ever truly express.

Thank you, Sharon, for all that you have done and continue to do!