Advocate of the Month – March 2021


Darlene Ortiz!

Darlene is a very special advocate of the month because she graduated in February 2020, and just a short month later, COVID-19 shutdowns began. Throughout the past year she has been determined to stick with CASA, even when there have been no cases available to take. She filled her CASA time with attending virtual/socially distanced trainings, acting as a CASA companion to advocates in need, and checking in periodically with the CASA staff. Despite the frustrations and craziness of 2020, Darlene still managed to receive her 12 hours of needed in-service hours and found other ways to stay connected to CASA.

This past month Darlene took on her first case and hit the ground running! Within the first few days of being assigned, she had completed most of her needed contacts for the month. A go-getter attitude, and warm personality are just two of the many things that come to mind when we think of Darlene. We love to see her in the office and have enjoyed having her on our team over this past year!