2021 New Advocate of the Year – Nominee #4


NOMINEE #4: Shenane Boston

Shenane became a CASA in February 2020 – she was ready to start right away after training and quickly made her first visit on her case. Unfortunately, right after that the pandemic hit and the typical way to conduct advocacy had to change. Shenane, however, was quick to adjust, checked in regularly with the caregiver, and face-timed monthly to visit with the caregivers and child.

Having to do things virtually can be difficult in its own way but trying to truly connect and bond virtually adds another level of complexity to advocacy; But despite the virtual environment, Shenane and the parties in her case have a great relationship. Shenane is always up to date with information about how the child is doing and aware of any needs that arise.

When it came time for Shenane’s case to be set for trial, she came to the CASA office and worked with her CASA supervisor on trial prep: going back through the case, taking notes, and making sure that she was ready to testify on key points. She prioritizes being present for all hearings and staffing meetings, even when given little to no notice, and successfully juggles working full time and being CASA, all while going back to school. Despite her many responsibilities, there have been no gaps in her advocacy or delays in contact logs or court reports. You would never know how busy she is; Shenane never misses a beat.

We are so appreciative of the hard worker that Shenane is! She is not an advocate to receive any praise or recognition; she just cares about the children and families. She is incognito as she advocates, completes her CASA duties, updates Optima, and quietly makes sure the child with whom she is working knows how much she cares.  She is a sweet soul and a blessing to CASA!