Advocate of the Month – June 2021


JoAnn Purcell!

You don’t have to be an advocate for a long time to be good at what you do! It takes heart and drive – both things our Advocate of the Month has plenty of!

JoAnn Purcell joined CASA this year just a little over 2 months ago. She accepted a case the day she was sworn in. Though new to case work, JoAnn did not shy away from asking questions and jumping right in. Within these past two months JoAnn has met with her CASA Supervisor on five separate occasions, observed several parent/child visits, attended in-service and has worked closely with CPS to help provide financial and child-care relief to the care provider.

In addition, JoAnn has begun using CFE (Collaborative Family Engagement) tools to aid in the stabilization of her CASA child and family. Last month she sat down with the mother and completed two separate tools that have led to finding several family members who will be able to help provide support if/when the child is reunited.

Aside from all that, we think the most impressive thing about JoAnn is the confidence and initiative she has taken since the beginning. If she doesn’t have the answers, she finds them. If something isn’t moving forward, she is sure to inquire why. Her care and compassion for all involved in this case have been her driving force as she has zealously advocated for each one of them.

We are thrilled to have JoAnn as part of our family and are looking forward to what the future holds for her here at CASA.