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(image shows Colorful Rain Shower, Paint Party, & Mistletoes child art pieces)

CASA is once again hosting the Christmas in July Bingo Fundraiser! The virtual portion of the event will run from July 19 through July 23. The week will culminate with a live event on July 23. The virtual event will include opportunities to sponsor children through the #CASAHero Children’s Tree, chances to purchase raffle tickets, and opportunities to win daily prizes. Each day, the hostesses, Administrative Assistant Emily O’Rear and CASA Board Member Samantha Havard will start off the Facebook Event with a Christmas joke and will briefly highlight segments of the organization as they visit with daily sponsors about why they support CASA. One-of-a-kind art pieces will be featured throughout the week, and a selection of about half-a-dozen of the pieces not featured during the virtual event will be available for purchase at the Live Bingo Event. “This event is extra special to me because it is my first in person fundraising event since joining CASA.  It looked quite a bit different last year with the entire event being on Facebook for the 12 Days of Giving virtual fundraiser. I’m excited to see people come together to support CASA. One of my favorite parts about this fundraiser is the Children’s Art auction! I have had the opportunity to see some of the art pieces we will be auctioning off this year and they are truly priceless,” Ms. O’Rear elaborated.

The art pieces were created by Advocates with the children whom they serve.

After completing Paint Party, Catharine James shared the process for this painting and the sketches. “Several girls went outside to do what is called an acrylic pour. The girls worked together to make one large piece. It was heartwarming to watch them take turns adding colors and bouncing design ideas off each other. They were encouraging to one another, saying things like, ‘That was a good idea’ or ‘Yeah, put some more blue over there’ or ‘I like the way it looks where you added the pink.’  Once the girls were satisfied with the look of the large canvas, they each got to do an acrylic pour on a small canvas of their own.  They had so much fun, and the time was spent encouraging one another and laughing in the carefree way teenage girls should be able to.”

Mistletoes created by CASA Renee Spencer definitely fits into the Christmas in July theme. “These little feet are the prints of an 11-month-old boy who is in the arms of foster parents who love and adore him. They are hoping to give him a forever home very soon. Getting these footprints was no easy “feat” (pardon the pun)! His smile and beautiful brown eyes are too much to behold, and his hugs are the best! These ‘mistletoes’ will brighten up any home at Christmas time, so do not hesitate to make them yours! They will be a sweet reminder of the love we need to share with others during the holiday season,” Renee commented.

Volunteer Amanda Marshall shared her experience creating Colorful Rain Shower.

A five-year-old little girl worked with our advocate to create this piece. “We put paint in an eyedropper and the child enjoyed the opportunity to squeeze them on the canvas to look like rain. She loved doing this project. Although we had a little trouble keeping the colors from running into each other, this happy child and I laughed so much doing this picture. The sweet little girl did not want to stop doing this project.”

A “HANDY” LITTLE DINOSAURwas the masterpiece of CASA Carly Woods and a seven-year-old boy. He dipped his hand in yellow paint and used his handprint to make the body of a dinosaur. He loves dinosaurs, color, and painting. He had so much fun with this project that he completed another one to keep at home. It was a hot summer day when these projects were created. He loved washing the paintbrushes with the hose. The child and I ended up soaking wet, but we had so much fun.”

The above only highlights a few of the 14 artistic creations that will be available during the virtual and in-person events. Many of the children were excited to work with their Advocates to make the pieces, but they also enthusiastically commented that they hoped that their works of art would “make a lot of money for CASA”.

The live event promises an evening of good food, laughter with friends, and a chance at incredible prizes such as a Ring Doorbell Package, a Blackstone Grill, a Spa Package, an Apple Tech Package and more. People can purchase tickets individually or buy a table and attend as a group.

CASA of Walker County trains individuals to serve children and families who need someone to stand in their corner and work towards a situation that would help them to thrive and succeed.  On August 14, CASA will begin its next training class. The deadline for this session is August 4, 2021. Trainees will learn how to be “the voice for the voiceless”. The remainder of the sessions will be held August 17, 19, 24, 26, and 28. The Tuesday and Thursday classes will be held in the evenings. Speak up for abused or neglected children; be their voice and their hope. If you see abuse, report it to (800) 252-5400 or go to www.txabusehotline.org. If a child’s life is in danger, call 911. For more information about becoming a CASA Volunteer, call or email Janet Davidson: 936-291-2272, ext. 104, or j.davidson@casaofwalkercounty.org.