Advocate of the Month – October 2021


donna desforges!

Since she started this past June, Donna has been nothing short of remarkable! She would never say this about herself; she would say that she is just doing what is needed, and she would be right. She is doing what is so needed for the kids & parents in her case.

In her time as an advocate, Donna has done an excellent job of keeping in contact with CPS and other legal contacts; however, where she shines is her relationship with her CASA kids. She has been present and available for them since day one. She has gone to meet the teacher, visited at VBS, attended parent/child visitations, gone to baptisms, spent hours doing origami with the kids, reached out to parents and family members to build connections there…..and more! Donna has done all that she can think to do to ensure these kids know that they are important and not forgotten amid drastic changes in their lives this past year.

Donna is a true blessing to our CASA program and her CASA kids (who love her), and she does it all with a sweet smile and loving heart. We are beyond grateful for Donna!