Advocate of the Month – March 2022


Shelby Harding!

Shelby Harding has been with CASA for four years and has been one of the most consistent and dedicated volunteers that we have had the pleasure of working with. Shelby accepted a case shortly after becoming a CASA and has been with the same child ever since. Even as life changes have taken her out of Walker County and further away from her CASA child, she has remained on the case.

She visits her child consistently and has maintained a close bond with her. As a teacher herself, Shelby pays great importance to her child’s education and is in constant communication with her teachers. There isn’t a month that goes by, aside from summer, that educational advocacy is not completed.

This case has had its ups and downs and Shelby has remained through all of it, even in the most frustrating moments. There have been several service issues that have affected the life of this case and have been an obstacle to finalizing permanency for this child. Shelby has been diligent in following up which has helped keep the process moving.

We are so grateful for advocates like Shelby who we know we can count on to be there for her child! We love seeing her on the occasions that she can stop by the office and admire her commitment to her CASA child.