2022 Advocate of the Year – Nominee #3


NOMINEE #3 – Kaylea Haas

Kaylea Haas has been with CASA for going on two years. This past year she accepted a case in which many moving parts had her incredibly involved with not just the child and parents, but with other family members as well. Kaylea puts forth a strong effort to understand all sides of the story and is not afraid to be “the voice,” even if all parties involved are not in agreement.

Through her efforts collaborating with all parties involved, her CASA child has been reunited with one parent. Kaylea continues to support this parent, helping him meet needs, or finding resources so that placement is successful, and the case can close.

Outside of her casework, Kaylea attends in-services every chance she gets! She is focused and eager to learn new ways she can assist her CASA family. It is apparent by how she advocates that she is taking what she learns and applying it in any way she can.

CASA is infinitely blessed to have amazing advocates such as Kaylea, who pour their time and effort into being a voice for families and children in the system.