2022 New Advocate of the Year – Nominee #2


NOMINEE #2 – joann Purcell

JoAnn Purcell is such a joy to work with and to see around the CASA office. She is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with CASA this month and has been assigned to the same child for the duration of that time. The reason for removal on this case was quite unique, and JoAnn felt called to work in close contact with the mother.

The case came in because the mother was lacking the necessary skills on how to properly meet the needs of her infant child. Throughout the life of this case, JoAnn has taken the time to help educate Mom on how to successfully address the needs of her medically needy child. Currently, the child is on a monitored return with the mother and the outcome is looking positive. In addition to all the case work she does, JoAnn is frequently seen at any in-service offered. Her drive to understand how she can help assist these families no doubt adds to her amazing advocacy skills. Advocates like JoAnn are the bread and butter of what this organization stands for and we are so grateful to her for all she does.