2022 Advocate of the Year – Nominee #4


NOMINEE #4 – Pam Zinnante

Pam has many strengths, but her diligence and persistence in serving the children and the parents in her cases is what really makes her great! She is relentless in the best way and will fight for a need to be met. There have been many times in her current case when issues arose, and she was the one to bring them to light in search of solutions. She helped clear up matters related to the legal spelling of a last name, unmet medical needs, and visitation between the parents and the children.

Additionally, she has made it a priority to engage well with the parents involved with her case. She has helped to supervise parent-child visits, and tried to encourage them to do what the court has ordered them to complete. She has worked hard to ensure that both parents had and a clear understanding of their orders and helped answer any questions that they had.

Outside of her advocacy, she is a frequent attendee at in-services and is always eager to learn how to better serve those with whom she works. We are so appreciative of her commitment and grateful that she does not settle for less than the best for the children and families she serves!