2022 New Advocate of the Year – Nominee #5


NOMINEE #5 – DOnna Desforges

We love the way Donna is so intentional about connecting with the family in her case. She takes great pride in her role and truly enjoys the time she spends with the family. Most recently she was invited to a baptism of one of the children, and she attended. She also attends the children’s Vacation Bible School, supervised parent-child visits, Meet the Teacher Night, and more.  She has also worked closely with the father and was able to testify in court about his ability to care for the children.

The family has since reunited and Donna remains a frequent visitor regardless of the distance. She continues to make sure that the children in her case are supported in all areas of their lives. She is in regular communication with the teachers and the attorney representing the children and she is great at making sure all the parties in the case are up-to-date and that the judge knows what is in the children’s best interest at court. We love Donna and are grateful for all that she has brought to CASA this year!