Advocate of the Month – May 2022


Gary Miller!

May’s Advocate of the Month is Gary Miller. Gary was assigned to his case in October of 2020 and has been a steady and dedicated advocate throughout the case. He visits the children in the case at least once a month and remains in close contact with the caregivers, so he is always aware and up to date with information that affects the children.

When one of the children in the case was moved to a residential treatment center, Gary wasted no time going to visit him. When the child expressed to Gary that he was lonely, Gary spoke to the staff and learned that many of the people important to the child were not on his call list. He immediately made the caseworker aware and continued to follow up with her until the call list was updated.  By maintaining consistent communication with the Department, Gary can advocate on behalf of the children’s best interests, and his insights and suggestions are respected and acted upon.

Furthermore, Gary always shows up to court ready to testify. Lately, his case has been reset and rescheduled several times, causing him to be in court but not able to share updates. Gary always takes it in stride and happily shows up to the next court date ready and prepared. Because of his advocacy, the children in his case have had their voices heard and have had in Gary another loyal and caring adult to add to their circle of support.