Advocate of the Month – July 2022


Regina Riggs!

We have another stellar advocate to award Advocate of the Month to this June!  Regina Riggs began her journey with CASA in June of 2021 and was assigned to her case shortly after being sworn in. Being that Regina has work with troubled teens in the past, she was immediately drawn to the case in which she was assigned.

Regina and the youth quickly created a connection at the start of this case. Regina not only visited with her monthly, but also made sure to be available for the weekly phone calls she began receiving from her teen.

Coming into the system for any child comes with challenges; but coming in as a teen presents its own unique challenges, and Regina understood that. She has been able to speak with the youth in a way that makes the youth feel heard and understood while also gaining her respect.

At the start of this year, the youth began having some trouble in her placement, even though everything had been going smoothly prior. Due to the relationship that they had built, and the many conversations shared, Regina felt she knew what could help. She began looking for opportunities to get the youth connected and involved! They looked together at potential jobs, camps, and even a Big Sister Program, and Regina reached out to CPS to request a search for biological family member that her youth could potentially contact. After some time back and forth, the caseworker was able to connect the youth with a family member, who she is now speaking to as well.

We are so grateful for advocates like Regina, who take the time to listen and show their CASA children that there is, at the very least, one person who hears them. The attention she has given this case and this teen will forever leave a lasting impression on the youth’s life. Regina has such a bright personality, and we continue to look forward to all that she has to offer our CASA family.