Advocate of the Month-February 2023


becky jodzio!

February’s Advocate of the Month is Rebecca Jodzio, who goes by Becky. Becky has been an advocate for over 1 year but with the amount of work and effort she puts forth it feels like she has been around much longer! She is currently assigned to a case with one child who is placed in a home with 5 of her other siblings.

Early on in the case it was known that the mother wished to relinquish her rights, so the path to permanency seemed like a “clear” and “easy” path. The child would be placed with her maternal aunt and adopted just the same as her 5 siblings before her. However, there is no such thing as “clear” and “easy” when it comes to our cases. There have been many obstacles at every turn in this case, such as delays in paperwork, difficulties in finding resources for the care provider, delays in the licensing process, and more. Many of these things can cause a case to drag out. Thankfully for us and the family Becky serves, this is not the case.

Becky made it her mission to ensure that everything continued to move as quickly as possible by following up with all parties, multiple times a week sometimes! In January, Becky made sure that the care provider had every box on her list to become licensed to adopt checked off. She drove out to the care provider so that she could use Becky’s computer and hot spot to complete some of the required tests. She kept in constant communication with the licensing agency to make sure all expectations of what needed to be done were being communicated to the care provider and were being done.

Becky works fulltime and has a family but still manages to find time to volunteer as an advocate. Becky has a heart for our mission here at CASA and it is apparent by the way she serves. She is always willing to help, ready to learn more, and committed to sharing the mission with others. We are so extremely grateful for advocates like Becky who give of their time to live out the mission of CASA of Walker, San Jacinto, and Trinity County.