2023 New Advocate of the Year – Nominee #5


NOMINEE #5 tom tyrrell

Tom became a CASA almost 6 months ago and was quickly assigned to a case just days after being sworn in. The ease in which he transitioned into his role was astounding. His easygoing manner made it almost effortless to connect with the child he serves.  I had the opportunity to accompany him on his first visit with the child and although the child was mostly subdued, Tom was able to keep his attention (by rapping) and even got a smile out of him.

After that first meeting, Tom was already concerned about the amount of medication the child was on and the affects that it could be having on him. Tom was sure to bring that to the attention of the Department, which triggered a review of his medication. It was discovered that a couple of the medications he was on needed to be tapered back because the dose was too heavy. In the months to come, Tom has been able to witness a change in the child. He is more alert, interacts better, and can even answer questions now that are asked of him.

Tom followed his instincts and did not let the matter of the medication rest. While the child may never be able to be fully self-sufficient, the strides he has made may have never been possible if it not for Tom. We are so blessed to have Tom as part of our CASA family and look forward to continuing our work together.