Advocate of the Month- May 2023


Cindy Supan!


We are so excited to announce that our Advocate of the Month for May is Cindy Supan! Cindy has been a CASA for 10 years, has been assigned to nine separate cases, and is currently assigned to a case that she has been on for three years now. Cindy’s involvement in her cases, past and present, goes beyond the standard expectations of the CASA program. Her ability to meet each individual where they are greatly impacts how she has been able to connect with so many families throughout her time as a CASA.

Currently, Cindy is assigned to a case with an 18 year old young adult who has opted out of care. Due to some special circumstances the Judge ordered that Cindy still remain as the young lady’s advocate. In April, a series of unfortunate events occurred that prompted an older sibling of this young lady to reach out to Cindy. Cindy had been an advocate for this older sibling prior to him aging out. He feared for his sister’s life and told Cindy he had no one to call, so he thought of her. He thanked her profusely for answering his call and then again after when Cindy was able to help locate his sister. Once located, Cindy has remained available as a support for her CASA child and her siblings.

The relationship Cindy has with her current CASA child did not start off the way it is now. There have been many ignored calls, texts, and visits by the child.  It has been through her consistency, relentlessness compassion, and commitment that she has been able to break through the walls that many of our CASA children put up. We are so grateful for Cindy and all that she brings to this organization! It is advocates like her that are helping break generational cycles, one child at a time.