Advocate of the Month- September 2023


Glen Conant!


Please help us congratulate the September Advocate of the Month, Glendora Conant. Glen has been an advocate since February of this year. Over the last seven months Glen has worked diligently to serve her assigned child and his family.

Glen faithfully visits her little guy every month and he lights up at the sight of her. He was recently placed with his biological father whom he had not previously known. By making frequent visits to the home, Glen has been able to witness firsthand the growing bond between father and son, and between siblings as well. This is a crucial part of advocacy as she must testify in court how the placement is going.

Though this sweet boy is in a safe, secure home with his dad, the CPS case remains open so that his mom can address the issues that brought him into care. Glen has made many attempts to establish contact with Mom. One successful attempt resulted in sharing lunch at a local restaurant. During this visit, Glen was able to encourage her to work on her CPS services as well as share with her resources for finding suitable housing. They also discussed the reasons her son was removed from her and how they might be remedied.  Glen is one persistent woman, so there will no doubt be many more fruitful encounters.

Advocates like Glen are the backbone of our program. She is dedicated and reliable. She stays in close communication with her CASA supervisor and CPS caseworker and is ready to help at the drop of a hat. She understands that advocacy is a multi-faceted endeavor and strives to approach each piece with excellence. Thank you, Glen, for having a heart for service.