Advocate of the Month- January 2024


Pam Zinnante!


If you look up the Webster definition of “honor”, it is defined as “the act of treating someone with admiration and respect”. While we know that none of our Advocates partner with CASA to get such accolades, we still can’t help but spotlight each month an advocate that is deserving of this “honor” and so much more! This month we want to shine a spotlight on our advocate Pamela Zinnante for the passion, perseverance, and advocacy she displays consistently serving as a CASA.

Pam has been an advocate for 5 years and has carried several cases. Her dedication to her CASA children in every single case she has carried has always been her number one priority. Pam is passionate and never leaves a stone unturned if it could mean a better future for the child(ren) she is serving. Most recently, Pam has been assigned to a case with 4 children that have the same mother, but each has a different father. Realizing the opportunity, Pam used CFE to map out family members and gather their contact information in hopes to help build more connections for these children. In doing so, she was also able to map out a support system for one of the children if she is placed with her father.

Throughout the life of this case, Pam has faced many obstacles. Some big and some small, but despite the size of the obstacle you can always count on Pam to persevere. In fact, in speaking with the care provider on her case we were told, “If you need something accomplished, you for sure want her on your side!” When it comes to the permanency of the children Pam serves, there is no valley too low or mountain too high that she won’t climb to ensure what needs to be accomplished.

Pam cares so deeply about the lives of these children and families, so while we know she didn’t “sign up” to be a CASA for the honor, I think it goes without saying that we respect and admire so much all the effort she puts forth to serve these families. It’s advocates like her that are the backbone of our program and without them we could not serve our community in the way that we do.