Advocate of the Month – September

The September 2018 Advocate of the Month recognizes:


For the past two years, Missy has dedicated herself to one case – one teenage girl and lots of ups and downs. However, that never stopped her from being a constant figure in this child’s life.

Missy has loved her CASA child, challenged her to be her best self, fought for her needs, and stood by her through every stage. She has walked through criminal procedures and helped advocate for this child before a criminal Judge when it became necessary.

She has been a beacon of dedication and while she would say that she’s “just doing her job as a CASA,” the truth is that she has gone above and beyond and has demonstrated to her CASA child that there is someone in her life who truly cares.

Missy’s case is now coming to a close. Her CASA child has recently aged out of foster care and started her trial independence period. This is not the ideal ending to the case, HOWEVER it’s not the end of this child’s story! Because of Missy, this child knows there is someone out there that loves and believes in her. She knows she has someone to be her constant even if she’s a kid entering an adult world. She knows she has Missy.

Missy has lived out the CASA tagline… “every child has a chance. It’s you.” For this, we honor you, Missy! Thank you for all you’ve done!