Advocate of the Month – April 2019

The APRIL Advocate of the Month is:


Sharon has been an advocate with our CASA program since August 2018. She is persistent and hardworking and brings a world of experience to our program but is never one who tries to take credit or seek attention. She is simply committed to working toward the best services possible for CASA’s children. When her children didn’t have the furniture they needed in their placement, she searched tirelessly to find beds and dressers and made sure to get the children what they needed. She has taken her commitment to finding resources a leap forward by developing a community resources committee, which is aimed at identifying resources and making them available to our children and families. She recently heard about two advocates in need of help and immediately jumped in and helped to find resources for them. She took it upon herself to personally to pick up and deliver diapers to an advocate to take to their CASA family. She is a constant mouthpiece to CPS for her children – not only for their physical needs, but for their educational and mental needs as well. She is in regular contact with the children’s school, the attorney’s involved in the case, and all relevant parties. When she feels there is not enough response to a problem or question she is not afraid to call or email until she finds an answer. Sharon has such a caring heart and is always willing to help. She is diligent as an advocate and diligent in everything she does at CASA. She is a remarkable asset to our program and kids.

Pictured: Sharon (left) with fellow advocate Diana Pelham (right) at the CASA Advocate Appreciation Fiesta hosted in April 2019.